Tweak: The Interactive Robotics Kit for Children

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Simply plug the modules together to build and rebuild your bot as many times as you want. This is a simple and easy tool for kids to get started with robotics and logical thinking. The possibilities are endless & kids can continue to make anything as they imagine and learn to program their bot.

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Basic Design with Free Play!

Build your first bot in just 5 minutes and control it using the Tweak App. Make as many designs as you can imagine and play with them.

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Mechanical Designing

Make Your Own Toy following the guided instructions in the Tweak App. Attach the corresponding skins & modules and voila! Your toy is ready for play.

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Follow Instructions

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Play with your toy/bot

Did you know Tweak allows for more than a million designs limited only by your imagination?

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Understanding Sensors

The Tweak set contains various types of sensors such as LDR, Touch, IR & Color. Once connected, the app loads some pre-defined behaviours of the sensors. The objective is to help the child understand how sensors function. Some examples mentioned below:

LDR Sensor Example
LDR Sensor (Turn the light ON)

Attach an LDR Sensor on your bot & it will glow when its dark!

IR Sensor (Obstacle Avoider)
IR Sensor (Obstacle Avoider)

An IR Sensor can allow your bot to move about without bumping into anything.

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Learn Programming

Once the child understands basic design & functioning of modules, he/she can now program their toy/bot using the graphical programming interface. Some examples are given below:

HAND follower
HAND follower

Program the bot to follow your hand using the IR Sensor.


Write a program in which your bot starts moving if tapped on the touch sensor

Avishkaar Maker Studio, our graphical programming software, has a very intuitive interface to make learning programming fun. This opens up endless possibilities. Who knows a robot designer is in the making in your child?

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