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About The Maker Workshop - Make a Drone!

The Maker Workshop is a creative workshop where kids will discover an astounding world filled with STEAM skills. Where they will Break, Mould and Make exciting things by their own hands. This is a program designed to help kids ask the right questions, ideate innovative solutions, and collaborate with like-minded kids. Let’s give the students a platform where they can be at their best, doing research, exploring, discovering & MAKING things on their own. This time we are introducing the wonders of aeromodelling & drone technology in a very simple and interactive way by engaging kids into DIY activities.

Students from age group 7 to 12

Training Concluded on 12th Aug 2019!

Modules Covered

  • Aeromodelling iconAeromodelling

    Aeromodelling is the activity involving design, development, and flying of small air vehicles. It is a very exciting and interesting way to learn, apply and understand science and engineering principles. It will include Drones and Aeroplanes.

Training Cost is Rs 1000/-

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What will you learn?

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Collaborative Learning
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Design Thinking
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Critical Thinking



Bring your own smartphone