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Published on: December 7, 2017

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Railways are a very important mode of transportation in India which is used widely for long journeys as well as transportation of heavy luggage. The total running track length is over 87,040Kms.  It is a cheap and efficient mode of transportation of goods and services and hence safety measures are a must for railway tracks and for the trains running on them.


Trains run at a high speed and due to their heavy weight it is not possible to stop them quickly unlike cars, buses etc. And so a small delay in providing the information about the condition of tracks on which it is running causes big accidents leading to huge loss of life and money. Sometimes tracks are being repaired and this information is not being brought to notice of the driver of train by the railway authorities and that eventually causes huge accidents.


The amount of these accidents is gigantic. According to NCRB, 25,006 people had died and 3,882 were injured in a total of 28,360 train accidents across Indian in 2014, out of which faulty railway tracks is one of the major contributor to these accidents.


Since the technology has advanced a great deal in India we can use them to prevent these accidents.

If a device can detect any breakage in the railway tracks and then somehow alarm the driver about it, then these accidents are sure to reduce a great deal.

The Automated Railway Tracks Safety Device:

Just as the solution suggests this Railway Tracks Safety Device will be able to detect and fault in the railway tracks and would alarm the driver about the breakage.


This device will have a processing unit (like Arduino chip) and this will send small current through an insulated wire which will be attached to the tracks and will have RED ALARMING LIGHTS around it till about 200m both sides.


So whenever the track will be broken at any point that will cause the wire attached to it to break also which in turn will break the circuit this break in the circuit will be detected by the processing unit and if it will detect circuit break meaning breaking of railway track it will turn on many BRIGHT RED ALARMING LIGHTS to alarm the driver that there is a problem in the track. Since the lights will be lit many meters away, the driver will be able to stop the train and contact the railway authorities about the broken track, and a huge accident will be prevented.


Expanding the idea to a big scale:

Expanding this idea to all the railway tracks of India will be costly but not more than thousands of life. This device will be attached near track just before the end of the range of previous device so that it can detect every small fault and alarm driver to stop train and save his as well as hundreds of other innocent lives.

Improving Precision and accuracy of the device:

To improve the precision and accuracy of this device, there will be 3 to 4 insulated wires attached at different curves of the same track so that cracks can be detected.

Making this idea cheap and feasible:


This idea requires bright red lights and insulated wires as of fundamental importance. To reduce the cost we will replace the micro processing chip with some other cheap circuit of wires and transistors  that can just detect break in circuit and so passing current to another circuit (lights) and making that will be very cheap and so the cost of this idea will reduce and it will become feasible to apply it to the gigantic network of Indian railways.


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