Top features

Top features
No Consumable Involved

No Consumable Involved

Safe and Reliable

Safe and Reliable

No Residual Effect

No Residual Effect

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

UVC Technology Based

UVC Technology Based

Product Description

Certified and tested by CE and FDA, UV Kavach provides the best protection to office teams and families against coronavirus as we start coming out of lockdown. UV Kavach uses contactless UV-C technology that kills 99.9% of germs in three minutes. UV-C technology has been tested by leading health institutes like Stanford Medicine & CDC. UV Kavach provides the most reliable, portable, one-touch, best-in-class solution to ensure contactless disinfection of surfaces keeping your teams and loved ones safe from contagious diseases.


254 nm (UV-C rays)

UVC Tube Setup

1 x 11W (9 inches)

UVC Dosage (enclosed)

1000 μW/cm2

UVC Dosage (hand-held at 1.5ft)

300 μW/cm2

Disinfection Coverage (enclosed)

360o upto 1000 sq. ft per hour

Disinfection Coverage (hand-held)

60o cone of UV rays

Disinfection Time (enclosed)

1m 40sec

Disinfection Time (hand-held)

3m 20sec*

UVC Tube life

1100 hrs**

Power Specification

240J AC


0.7 kg
UV Kavach
Lamp Replacement Tool
Instructional Manual and Warranty Certificate
1 Spare UV-C Lamp

UVC Kavach in Action