Coding an essential skill of the future. Steve Jobs said, 'Everyone must to learn to program a computer because it makes you think.'. Coding is giving a specific set of instructions to a computer or a device in order to obtain certain output.

Getting Started At Coding

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What is program? How to give instruction to your computer or phone? How to break down a problem into basis steps and them turn them into a code? Learn the basics of coding and get introduced to the world where you will keep engaged have lots of fun.

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AMS (Maker Board Simulator)

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Solve interesting problems and make fun animations using Avishkaar Maker Studio and see them working online on Maker Board Online Simulator. You can solve simple problems from showing your name to making a complex game on this simulator.

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Learning Outcomes

  Logic building  Algorithm Building
  Animation  Block Based Programming
  Coding and Testing

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