Robotics Microdegree
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Want to know how Avishkaar can help your child gain the edge?


  • Award-winning Avishkaar full kit included over 150+ kit parts and ability to make 50+ robots.
  • Learn mechanical design, coding skills, robotic coding, and sensor programming to make full-fledged advanced autonomous robots.
  • Designed for children aged 8+, No Coding Background required.
  • Prepare for Avishkaar League and get a chance for free participation in this Asia's largest International Robotic & Coding Challenge.
  • Participate in monthly competitions to hone your skills.
  • Flexible batch timings based on your convenience.
  • Make exciting robots like Robo Trike, Rope Car, and Crane Robot


    24 one-hour live sessions with expert trainer 3/6 months.

    21 Class Projects + 21 Additional Projects to master your skills.

    Demo Days to present personal Projects and get expert Feedback.

    Detailed Reports of creative and conceptual Learning.

    Global Community-Innovative with others and connect with experts.

     Free Expert counselling to help with child's Progress.

Learning Outcomes

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