Tech It Up

Tech It Up is a monthly engagement activity that is designed to engage our makers / Teachers / Trainers and coordinators. Every time Avishkaar brings a challenge for our young makers, but this is the time when we want all our mentors to actually get into Making and unleash their creativity. Here we are going to throw a challenge to you for 8 months continuously with some ‘How to make Guidelines’. The one who is able to complete all the 8 challenges will be awarded in the finale of Avishkaar Makeathon.

Challenge for Makers

Electronic Piano

Have you ever thought of making a Piano of your own?

Yes, then we are challenging you to make one using 555 Timer IC and if not, then its right time to think about making one yourself.

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Project Submissions

Mehul Patel

Using 555 timer Ic Piano

Published on April, 25 2019

Using 555 timer ic i made a toy piano ckt.

women safty system using arduino

Published on April, 17 2019

for women safety