Problem Statement

Spider-Man’s Web Shooter

This is the time to make a Web Shooter the likes of which is used by Spider-Man. Don’t miss a second and start making your own web shooter. The functioning of Web Shooter will be as follows :

-The “web” can be thrown up to a distance of 2 meters.
-A complete trigger mechanism to be shown.
-Should stick to the wall.

This web shooter should be a mechanical robotic gadget. The parts used in this must be from Avishkaar only except those parts which you cannot source from us.

Wolverine’s Claws

Wolverine (Logan) is the leading character of X Men comics and he’s famous for his adamantium claws! For this challenge, you’ve to make Wolverine’s fearsome claw. The functionality of Claw should be as below :

-The claws should come out of the device
-One should be able to retract them
-One claw can be taken out and retracted back
-Should be wearable
-Should be colorful and decorated

Iron Man’s Helmet

A helmet which can be wearable or non-wearable and work automatically! What you think, will it not be so cool to make helmet of Iron Man. The functionality of the project would be:

-Opening of LID
-Closing of LID
-Shining eyes of Iron Man after the closing of LID
-Design of Helmet
-Decoration & Color
-Laser lights to aim at the enemy

The programming should be done in AMS only. The metal parts, motors, power supply, & the control panel should be of Avishkaar only.

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15th Jul 2019

to 26th Aug 2019


29th Jul 2019

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27th Aug 2019

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