World Record: Achievement Unlocked

Going with the tradition set at Avishkaar, this year again we dared to do something bold and innovative. We attempted to set a world record for the ‘Longest connected logo made of LED rope lights’ at #CelebrateAvishkaar 2019. 

World Record Attempt in the works!

And we’re going to spoil it for you here at the beginning itself. We did do it. Yes, we set the world record for ‘Longest connected logo made of LED rope lights’. The previous record used 500m length of LED rope lights while we ended up using more than 1 km of LED rope lights. We straight up doubled it!

Avishkaar logo lit up!

Let’s go over the specifics a bit shall we? To attempt the record we took had a team of 20 volunteers. We used piped LEDs and one such unit of piped LED had a length of 32 metres. And we ended up using 31 such units for creating the logo. The new record for the longest connected logo made of LED rope lights stands at a staggering 992 metres.