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Winners of Avishkaar Challenge : Robo Games 2018

Announcing the Winners of  Avishkaar Challenge: Robo Games 2018

As the summer season advances, the temperature has started rising. But what has stayed cool all through this summer is Robotics and Innovations! And our Avishkaar Makers are partly a reason for the same.

After The Marching Robots Challenge in March, we came up with The Robo Games Challenge in April for the Makers of our Avishkaar community. This Challenge was complex and required out of the box thinking. We are glad to see such a tremendous response we ’ve received for this Challenge. Kudos to you Makers, it has yet again made our belief stronger that we have a treasure trove of cool Innovators.

Robots for the Avishkaar Challenge : Robo Games 2018

The wait is over and we are here to announce the winners of the Robo Games Challenge. Several cool submissions were made by Avishkaar Makers. Its always hard when it comes to evaluating such innovative and interesting projects.  But after watching all the video entries, our Judges have finally shared the results with us. The Judges were dazzled by the ingenuity displayed by Avishkaar Makers in making such projects.


All the Makers created Robots using components from Avishkaar kits for these projects.

Winners of the Avishkaar Challenge : Robo Games 2018

4 Makers were adjudged as winners, one for each of the 4 decided sports category.

Winner of the Avishkaar Challenge- Archery Robot is Pravin Balu. Have a look at his project video:



Winner of the Avishkaar Challenge- Boxing Robot is Ishaan Bhalla. Have a look at his project video:



Winner of the Avishkaar Challenge- Lawn Bowl Robot is Amritraj Chaudhary. Have a look at his project video:  



Winner of the Avishkaar Challenge- Weight Lifting Robot is Mayank Verma. Have a look at his project video:



Winning Prize for The Avishkaar Challenge : Robo Games 2018

The winners will be awarded with, among other things, the title of “Robo Games Challenge Champions ”, a certificate and medals which bears the title. They will get felicitated at our annual prestigious annual event IRC Open League. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

The next Avishkaar Challenge!

If you wish to be a part of the ever-expanding Avishkaar Makers community and bag the winning title, participate in our upcoming Avishkaar Challenges.

But does it mean that for participating you will be needing a high tech lab, a few well-known scientists and some important research work?

Not really! Just do what you best – building robots- and win the award! All you just need is some creativity and some components from Avishkaar Kits!

Stay tuned for our next Avishkaar Challenge.

Thank you once again for participating and encouraging us to keep coming up with such challenges. If you have any feedback or suggestion to provide, please feel free to write to us at support@avishkaar.cc. We strongly believe that you, as a community, are a strong driving force for our initiatives. So well wait for your mail and do keep in touch. Keep an eye out for our next challenge.

Happy Inventing!

Team Avishkaar

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