Why robotics for kids?

Why robotics is the best way to learn coding

In our last post we discussed why coding is imperative for kids by exploring and deliberating the various benefits. If you missed out, take a minute to catch up right here. Whilst coding can be learnt in different ways, robotics is considered to be one of the best methods of learning coding, especially for kids.

What exactly is robotics for kids? 

Robotics stems from the fields of science and engineering. Like the name suggests, it is related to creating and building robots. It also involves computer programming and coding. Robotics for kids ensures children learn components of STEM through experiential learning. The process involves hands-on engagement in programming, designing, and making their own robots. 

Why robotics?

Robotics for kids through kits and courses acts as an educational tool aiding kids to think outside the box. Good robotic kits for kids online help in learning science and maths both inside and outside the classroom as there is significant focus on the application of science and math concepts. Robot making projects for kids allows them to connect the concept with the real world while simultaneously having fun and of course, understanding multiple STEM skills.

1. Improves student engagement

Children have a comparatively smaller attention span and so it’s harder to learn and acquire a concept completely. This holds true especially in cases of long term learning modules such as coding. However, by incorporating robotics in the education process, there is a positive change in engagement. Robotics encourages hands-on learning. This helps improve the concentration and attention levels of students, increasing retention of what they are learning.

2. Fosters Creative thinking

Few domains incorporate the use of knowledge, creativity, and self-expression at the same time. Robotics is one such domain. It allows children to creatively and intellectually express themselves. Robotics also gives children control, encouraging them to think out-of-the-box to solve problems, this skill is quite handy in coding. 

3. Preparation for the future

The future is constantly changing. Jobs that were in demand years ago have almost become obsolete. With society progressing towards a virtual world, coding is the future. The best way for children to prepare for their life ahead is to learn the relevant skills. Robotics is a culmination of 5 technical skills – mechanical design, coding, IoT, application development and electronics. Moreover, because kids learn creativity and design thinking with avishkaar, we’ve seen that a lot of our students go on to become designers, managers and entrepreneurs too. By incorporating robotics in education at a young age, we can help make our kids better prepared for the opportunities of the future. 

4. Programming skills

Advanced programming and artificial intelligence go hand in hand with robotics. This is also one of the reasons why robotics is a great way to introduce children to these fields. The hands-on aspect also helps appeal to the children’s interest. Robotics helps children put into practice and visualise what they learn while the usual programming modules are often purely theoretic. 

5. Practice to Perfection

Practice makes perfect. As children learn a skill, continuous practice helps them perfect it. But once perfected, there’s a tendency for children to find practice boring and hence a new challenge is always required. Robotics presents the opportunity of a constant challenge with practice. It encourages perseverance and problem solving. Learning coding through robotics ensures motivation.

6. Increases social skills

Robotics creates a very conducive environment for social skills and teamwork. It presents the opportunity of creation and innovation which can be done with a group of people which can sharpen social skills. This works in the contexts of competitions as well like the Avishkaar league. Infact, there are numerous studies that prove working with robot projects have helped autistic children with their social abilities. 

7.  Learning becomes Fun

The most significant benefit of using robotics to learn coding is that it makes learning a lot more fun. Children feel more motivated to study and go to school as a consequence of experiential learning. In the long run, it has a very positive impact on their overall development.

As has been made fairly obvious by the above, robotics and robotic kits for kids are the epitome of experiential learning. It allows for application of knowledge due to which there is more scope for improvement. There is a feedback loop created by problem solving, feedback and problem solving once again. When they are able to see their improvement and when their achievements are more obvious, they are likely to learn better.

Coding is learning. Coding through robotics is fun learning that lasts a lifetime. 

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