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Top 5 Reasons to Master Technical Skills

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Everywhere you go now, you hear this term, technical skills or technical competencies or some other alternative for those. You might be wondering why everyone is hyped about this certain concept. The government has made it mandatory for schools to include coding in their curriculum. Even the education sector has geared up to teach technical skills to future generations. So, let’s see what having technical skills would mean for your kid, shall we?

A successful career

Let’s go to the United States of America where a major financial gap will dominate the market by 2025. This gap will be job vacancies that require an employee to learn a list of technical skills, according to Deloitte and the National Association of Manufacturers. They say that about 3.5 million technical jobs will go empty, causing a 200 USD decrease in revenue. Why? All because the industries cannot find employees who can properly handle the equipment without constant supervision. STEM is growing by leaps and bounds whereas people who can work in a STEM environment, not so much. There are 65% of jobs in the world that haven’t been created yet. And our young generation can take advantage of it, if they gain the necessary technical skills. 

Why am I boring you with statistics? It’s to show you that while other jobs may decrease, these skills are your child’s gateway to a successful future.

You come, you rationalize, You conquer

One of the biggest advantages of learning technical skills is that it teaches your child the art of rational thinking. Now, rational thinking or critical thinking is not something that can be taught via books or following a certain syllabus. However, teachable skills like coding, robotics, IoT can be used to fire up those neurons. Then, your child uses their left brain along with their dominant right brain. For the first point, you could argue that maybe STEM is not the only way to have a successful future. But even you have to agree that rational thinking is a necessity, regardless of where you work or what you do. The latest version of the NEP of 2020 focuses on the benefits of technological skills – critical thinking, empathy, and more. 

Where there is STEM, there is creativity and problem solving

Picture this. You are sick and cannot get out of bed, but you have to because there are household chores. You somehow climb out of bed and see your kid operating a Robot, one that cleans the entire house. Wouldn’t you be proud of the way she thinks and how she solved a problem with her out-of-the-box thinking?

Another example of technical skills leading to problem solving and creative thinking is your kid designing their own virtual games instead of using PlayStation and Xbox. Technical skills make it possible for a kid’s imagination to run wild. It helps them solve real-world problems with solutions that the world hasn’t yet heard of. Wouldn’t you like to see your child become confident as they realize that with STEM, they can solve every problem?

Technical skills improve your child’s research methods

The beauty of these skills is that they are the right balance of hands-on and theoretical approaches. Once you get your child started on it, the curious child inside them starts to get more inquisitive. When they hit a roadblock, they will find a way out of it. Either they will search for answers on the Internet, read their books or ask their teachers about it. The more a solution eludes them, the more they are determined to find a solution.

As a result, your child will grow more curious with a resilient attitude that will always help them. Allow them the freedom to make their own mistakes. Let them dig deeper to find the answer with quality articles, books, videos and more. It will help them identify good sources of information (trial-and-error attempts would be there of course).

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Bring their imagination to a 3D world with technical skills

Firing up imagination and creativity is all good but can technical skills bring those ideas to life? That is a valid question to ask and the simple answer is yes. Aside from robots, virtual simulation is also another platform that can make a 3D design out of your child’s idea. Now the virtual environment has become strong and user friendly. Whatever your child is thinking, it can be designed. Even when they don’t have the physical resources, they can make a virtual structure to see their invention come to life. 

If you want your kids to immerse in this world of technology, we would love to help you out. The Avishkaar Robotics Starter Kit is your child’s entry into the fascinating world of building robots. If you want to go a level up, our Robotics Pro Kit is your best option teaching both robotics and coding basics. Gift your child a lifetime of learning with the Electronics & IoT Microdegree, the best course for studying smart machines.  Go ahead and take a look at more such kits at https://shop.avishkaar.cc/. Join our fabulous community of young, innovative Avishkaaris on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/letsavishkaar and https://www.instagram.com/avishkaaredu/

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