Avishkaar Maker Studio: What Makes It Better Than RoboG3?

If you’ve been one of Avishkaar’s makers over the years, then you must surely have used RoboG3 for programming your bots. Well, you can rejoice that you don’t have to anymore since we launched Avishkaar Maker Studio (AMS) last October.

Avishkaar Maker Studio: What Makes It Better Than RoboG3?

We’ve ironed out several of the bugs which plagued RoboG3 and with the updated version of Avishkaar Maker Studio out now (AMS 2.0), we wanted to do a quick rundown of what all new is there. And let me tell you, the difference between RoboG3 and AMS 2.0 is like night and day!

Moving away from the lifeless white background theme of RoboG3, you have access to a set of glitzy 10+ themes affording you a greater degree of personalization. It’s not all looks with AMS, along with a fully re-tooled UI, you’ve got a hamburger menu, where you can Save, Compile or Burn a program in a jiffy.

Now let’s turn back time a bit. Imagine you’re writing a program on RoboG3 and you forgot to add a command. Nightmare scenario! Why? Because now you’d have to re-write the code again from the point where you made the mistake. But with AMS you don’t have to worry about that. Just drag and drop the correct block and voila… you’re set!

Think we’re done? Nope. There are so many things which we improved after your valuable feedback. In AMS, you can also Undo-Redo & Copy + Paste programs which yes…you’re right were not available in RoboG3. All in all, a major bump in terms of usability and overall functionality.

Think we know what you’re thinking right about now. Where can I download Avishkaar Maker Studio 2.0?

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