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What Is The Future Scope Of IoT For Kids?

IoT (Internet of Things) is taking the world by storm. It consists of anything from a biochip in an animal or the cool cars with sensors to an artificial heart implant in a person. The reality is that all these things have become essential to human life. With the rapid progression of societies, organisation that makes work easier and efficient is of the utmost need. That’s where IoT comes into play. 

Research indicates that the present rise in the usage of IoT devices will continue to increase at a great speed. It will be a major source of influence in the decades to come. What was once considered futuristic and magical is now tangible and irresistible. How many of you can honestly say that you’re not reliant on your smart devices? 

Exactly! The convenience and benefits of IoT is not only attractive but addictive. 

Unplugging to the internet these days is already very difficult and in the next five years, there will probably be no term such as ‘Unplugging’. There may be threats for security and distrust but people will not be able to disconnect from digital platforms. So, IoT becomes a sure bet that just doubles up but will never go down. Even if the user disconnects, they will only be doing so in search of a better option to reconnect. The user will never decrease their usage.

The main scope for IoT lies in 3 domains:

  • Machine Learning

IoT and Machine learning deliver insights that are usually hidden in data that help in rapid, automated responses and improve decision making. Machine learning for IoT can be used to project future trends, and test intelligence and detect anomalies. 

  • Smart Cities

Smart cities will arise through IoT. This would improve the efficiency of the systems in the city and save on government expenditure. Eg, data on traffic would help sync the traffic lights at the peak times. This is done remotely. From smart homes to coffee makers, these devices will collect data on your habits and patterns of usage, which will also aid machine learning.

  • Artificial Intelligence

There will be no house without AI, be it the home hubs like Alexa or Google, or even the lighting systems. Voice control will be the new normal and your daily tasks will all be set up by talking to your devices. The future will see only IoT everywhere, lives would be incomplete without this artificial intelligence.

When the future seems to revolve around the phenomenon of AI and IoT, how can you not prepare your child to not just stay up to date but ahead of the trend? Start your IoT journey with Avishkaar. We have microdegrees and kits to get you started. Check it out here. We’d love to help you secure your child’s future.   

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