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Top Innovations That Changed the World of Social Justice

We have heard about technology changing the sectors of education, healthcare and so many more but how does that amount to changing the world of social justice? If you are not very clear about the concept of social justice, let’s just put it in a simple way. Let’s imagine the world is divided into different banks – sometimes from the economic point of view, sometimes from the race point of view and more. Social justice is the bridge that connects all of these banks. Social justice makes sure that there is affordable healthcare, basic education and more basic human rights for everyone on this planet without any discrimination. The big question of the day is – does tech also teach us to help everyone, regardless of their social status? Let’s find out about the innovations that say yes to that question.

Air Ink, the miracle pen

What could be more fitting as an example of social justice than when you turn an environmental evil into an expression for the stories and art everyone has inside them? Anirudh Sharma, Nikhil Kaushik and Nitesh Kadyan made it possible with Air Ink. Air Ink produces markers, pens and print cartridges where the ink is repurposed from the pollution particles in the air. Anirudh Sharma came up with the idea of turning air pollution into art while he was working in the MIT Media Lab. An added bonus is that this usage reduces the carbon footprint. How does that help? It contributes to giving the world environmental justice but what does that count to? Environmental justice is a category of social justice. 

COVID-19 Vaccine, the world’s warrior against a pandemic

The most recent global problem that the world went through was the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody knew how it started but panic started all around and it was hard to be optimistic. That is when the scientific community showed their incredible response time. Companies like Pfizer and Moderna came to the rescue and rolled out vaccines without any description. As a result, governments came to help by making the vaccines available in all government and local hospitals. The COVID-19 vaccine is the most recent example that made the world believe that humans can come to each other’s rescue when needed be, without discriminating.

Everybody in the world deserves clean, drinking water.
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Cycloclean, the driver of healthy drinking water

Like every basic right, everyone in the world deserves to have healthy water. While in developed countries, it might not seem like much of a problem but in developing and underdeveloped countries, it is. People have to fight everyday to get a decent amount of clean, drinking water. This is where Cycloclean bridges the gap, which is a machine that can convert any dirty water into clean water. It all happens because of the four filters present in the cycle through which the dirty water goes. These filters make it possible to convert any body of unhealthy water into drinking water. The best part? You can pedal this machine anywhere. This means that any community with a nearby source of water, be it dirty, can have clean drinking water. 

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