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Top 5 Avishkaar Kits You Must Have

Holi is around the corner and we, in Avishkaar, believe that our young innovators deserve the very best in every festival, every time. We also believe that all of us have different starting points and can find different things interesting. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to our young innovators and contains a peek into the Avishkaar inventory. This blog contains all of the Avishkaar kits that have been loved by thousands of young innovators all across India and we are sure you would love them too. 

Robotics Starter Kit

Avishkaar Starter Kit, the perfect gift for the  young robot enthusiast at your home

Maybe you have just recently discovered Robotics or you have been hearing about this concept called “Robotics” but you did not really know what it was. We believe that going hands-on is the most important way to dive deep into a subject and that’s why we made the Robotics Starter kit (RSK), one of the best robotics kits in India, for you. It’s pre-programmed brain, the star of the whole show makes it possible to make smart robots even while you are beginning Robotics. The kit has more than 35 parts complete with gears, nuts, bolts, sensors – what else would you need to start off? If you want your children to get their hands dirty with mechanical designing, solving problems real time and logical thinking, this would be the kit for you.

Robotics Pro Kit

Robotics Pro Kit, one of the best and popular Avishkaar kits

If you have already started your Robotics journey and now you want to create smart robots that you can control the way you like, Robotics Pro kit, a popular Avishkaar robotics kit, is for you. We know that Robotics and coding together make a dynamic combination and that’s exactly what the Pro kit makes you do. With the pro kit, you get a brain that can be programmed exactly the way you want with the Avishkaar Maker Studio. You get more than 70+ parts and you know the best part about all of these benefits? You can get a kickstart on robots that our experts have experimented with and made with the Robotics Pro Kit through the video tutorials available in our Youtube channel. 

Coders Starter Kit

Coders Starter Kit

What if you are interested in coding more than Robotics? Don’t worry, we have an amazing innovation packet for you – the Coders Starter kit (CSK), one of the bestselling Avishkaar kits. Specifically focusing on enhancing the coding skills of your young innovator, CSK allows you to get into the details of coding through block based coding. We know that lines and lines of coding can be off-putting for our young innovators and that is why we chose the visually appealing block based coding to work on our platform. This helps the child to learn as well as have fun while making their very own prototypes. The star of the show for the Coders Starter Kit are the five skins that we give with the parts which you can use to make your own home projector, a homemade mood lamp, a DIY TV and so on. 

IoT Starter Kit

IoT Starter Kit

If smart machines like Alexa, Siri, a smart home fascinate the young innovator at your home, then they will love the IoT Starter Kit (ISK). The IoT Starter Kit mainly teaches the nuances of Electronics & IoT with the help of sensors, cables and the different parts included in the kit. The sensors themselves present a wide variety of possible projects, projects that use rain, smoke, light and IR sensors. The programmable brain employs the tricks of coding enabling the child to learn coding as well as electronics. This wholesome kit that develops your child holistically also gives you lifetime access to AMS as well as the chance to show off their projects to their peers through our challenges and the Avishkaar Facebook community

ABot Advanced

ABot Advanced

You don’t have to burn your pockets to explore your innovation cravings. One of our best educational robotics kits, the ABot Advanced comes at a pocket friendly price with 60 parts. These parts include the programmable brain and other kid-friendly parts along with a rechargeable battery. Now, you don’t have to worry about your battery dying out because you can recharge them easily, anywhere you are. You also get sensors like IR and touch sensors with this kit, making it easier for you to make smart robots and learn at a super low budget. If this is not one of the best kits for your young innovator, what is?

We know the future leaders of our world deserve the absolute best and hence, the best is what we give them. Go ahead and take a look at our kits and courses at https://shop.avishkaar.cc/. Join our fabulous community of young, innovative Avishkaaris on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/letsavishkaar and https://www.instagram.com/avishkaaredu/.  

Until the next blog, I bid you adieu and hope you have an innovative day ahead. 

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