Time to #CelebrateAvishkaar – Avishkaar

Time to #CelebrateAvishkaar

The big finale is upon us. The race is almost run and you can see the finish line. It’s time for the last sprint and put in the last bit of effort to see you through to the finish line. On 15th & 16th December at Thyagaraj Stadium, both IRC School league Nationals: Season 9 and Avishkaar Makeathon 2018 are coming to a close.
We’re quite sure you’re all geared up and excited to participate in the event and etch your name in the history of the competition. And not to forget a chance to win an international sponsored trip to Russia! Excited? We bet you are!

And if you think that the event is only for the participating teams from schools and we’ve got nothing worthwhile in store for the general audience…Think again. We will have a huge space for workshops and activities – ‘Avishkaar Zone’ that will keep you all engaged and entertained. First, off the bat, we’ve got Cross the Battleground where you’d have to avoid obstacles to win the course. Next up you’ll test your Archery skills by shooting at a dartboard with a robot. Then, all of you sports enthusiasts will get an opportunity to play Robo Soccer and Wrestling and let the competitor in you take control.




And that’s not all. We’re also hosting workshops for 3D printing, electronics, robotics, and Make Your Own Robot where you can explore different robot designs and other assortments.




And as a surprise, we’re going to reveal Avishkaar’s newest offering. This is a modular programmable robot kit for kids aged 6 and up. We’re not going to reveal more than this as we wish to keep it under wraps till the Nationals. So, do visit Avishkaar Zone to get an exclusive look at it!

Last but not least, if you wish to purchase E-series and X series kits or accessories packs, you can do so at our merch and sales counter. You never know you might run out of parts to build that exciting, new robot which just caught your fancy!


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Hope to see you all at Thyagaraj Stadium at 15th & 16th December. It’s going to be an amazing experience for all. Catch you there!

Till then, Keep Making 🙂

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