Three Feathers in the Cap of Bilaspur ATL Lab

Earlier this month, NITI Aayog released a list of Top 100 Innovations featured in ATL Tinkering Innovation Marathon 2018-19 wherein students from one particular school stood head and shoulders above their competition.

The students belonging to Government Higher Multipurpose Senior Secondary School, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh working under the tutelage of Dr. Dhananjay Pandey performed exceptionally well in this competition. An unprecedented three projects were featured in this year’s iteration of the competition, a feat deserving of praise and acclaim.

Let’s take a quick look at these projects, shall we?

Atal Krishi Mitra – It’s a robotic device which operates by harnessing solar energy. It is especially useful for performing various farming activities such as harvesting, cultivating, sowing of seeds, scrubbing the land, and spraying insecticides. This particular innovation was submitted under the Agri-Tech category by the team of Yogeshdas Manikpuri, Manish Yadav, and Nikhil Prajapati.

Atal Krishi Mitra conceptualised by Manish Yadav, Yogesh Das Manikpuri & Nikhil Prajapati

Green Shield – This innovative project is used to control a home’s temperature in an eco-friendly manner. It was made using waste plastics and selected in the Architecture and Design category of the ATL Tinkering Innovation Marathon. Prakash Nirmalkar, Prince Kashyap, and Harish Chaudhary formed the project team who brought this innovation to life.

Smart Bio Toilet – Selected under the Waste Management category, ‘Smart Bio Toilet’ is a toilet system specially designed for the Indian Railways. Herein, human excreta is collected and processed rather than thrown on tracks. This project was developed by the brains behind ‘Atal Krishi Mitra’ as well.

Smart Bio Toilet conceptualised by Manish Yadav, Yogesh Das Manikpuri & Nikhil Prajapati

Impressive, right? The Bilaspur ATL Lab has been hailed as one of the most promising and outperforming ATLs of the country where children from economically weaker sections of society get an opportunity to create wonderful social innovations. The lab was set up by Avishkaar in 2017 and has won prestigious accolades at both the national and international stage. 

Dr, Dhananjay Pandey with Team Avishkaar

Dr. Dhananjay Pandey has played a huge part in leading Bilaspur ATL lab and been a source of inspiration, hard work and integrity to impressionable young students. He credits Avishkaar with helping him with the initial setup and subsequent assistance in getting things up and running, along with providing a platform on a national as well as international level to showcase innovations.