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Celebrating the Superstars on National Girl Child Day

As the country celebrates the National Girl Child Day today (on January 24), we are showcasing the Girls who have made it to the prestigious Avishkaar Makers Hall of Fame.

The Makers Hall of Fame is an annual magazine where we celebrate the makers of the world. Herein, makers from all walks of life are given an opportunity to tell their story and share insight into their ‘maker psyche’.  We take in nominations from across the globe and only the best make it to the final 20.

Avishkaar has always encouraged girls to pursue STEM education and in the school programs run by us we see a lot of participation by girls in the competitions, workshops, etc. But we wish this number to be much much more.

So this is no small feat! Way to go girls – we would love to see more girls like you make it to the top 🙂

Ishanvi Prasad - Makers Hall of Fame 2019
Ishanvi Prasad, Makers Hall of Fame 2019
Nishka Arora - Makers Hall of Fame 2018
Nishka Arora, Makers Hall of Fame 2018
Aayushi Jain - Makers Hall of Fame 2019
Aayushi Jain, Makers Hall of Fame 2019

The National Girl Child Day is celebrated every year on January 24 across India. First celebrated in 2008, its objective is to raise awareness about discrimination against girls.

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