Get Featured in Makers Hall of Fame 2019!

Avishkaar is coming out with the second edition of its magazine – The Makers Hall of Fame where we celebrate the makers of the world. Herein, makers from all walks…

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Sound The Bugle for IRC School League Season X!

Gather round, gather round. Bring out your drums and gongs, your tambourines and trombones and your big, bad horns! IRC School League Season X is here folks! And it’s even…

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Avishkaar Makeathon

Avishkaar Makeathon – Back Again!

Avishkaar Makeathon – The Biggest STEAM Competition of India is back! For all those of you who’ve been counting the days eagerly waiting for this year’s Makeathon, rejoice! Your wait…

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Tweak - Top 20 Finalist in Design Intelligence Award

Tweak Rocking It in the Design Intelligence Awards!

It is a proud moment for us – Tweak has been selected among the Top 20 designs submitted in this year’s Design Intelligence Award! Led by our dynamic Industrial Designer…

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Avishkaar Maker Board – What’s It All About?

As you all know, Avishkaar has been a pioneer in producing DIY robotics kits in India and bringing them to robotics enthusiasts. You’re familiar with INTRO, LITE and FULL kits…

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IRC Season 10

IRC Open League: Season 10 – Participate in The Hottest Robotics Competition This Summer!

There are things we all look forward to every summer. Fresh, sweet nariyal pani, juices and smoothies, chuskis, month-long summer break, the latest Marvel blockbusters, and the annual robotics competition….

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