HDCDS delivered to Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi

Avishkaar Fights Corona: Final Update – HDCDS Delivered

After two-three days of marathon work, our first HDCDS was ready to rock and roll. Raghav decided to get on the open truck to stress test the system and check…

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Avishkaar Fights Corona: Update #9 Debugging is the Real King

With the delivery vehicle (mini truck), boom lances, double motors, electrical circuitry, battery, and wiring in place, it was time to do our first test. Almost like a ‘Hello World’…

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Avishkaar rolling out a truck loaded with a disinfectant system

Avishkaar Fights Corona: Update #10 – Final Touches and the Beautiful Run

With a successful run achieved a day before, we took it easy before we had to get the final truck readied. Since I have been developing products for the longest…

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Avishkaar Fights Corona Update #8: Creating the Pumping System

Once the procurement was done, the vehicle identified, the next step was to create the pumping system for the HDCDS. Since we have to power up the truck, it was…

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Avishkaar Fights Corona Update #7: Finding the Right Vehicles to Install HDCDS

Once we had figured out how the HDCDS will work, the next challenge for us was to identify what will be the right vehicle for it. While designing for this,…

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Avishkaar Fights Corona Update #6: Digression

We have not been able to get the vehicle for carrying the HDCDS in different parts of the city today. We utilised this time to work on setting up the…

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