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Sound The Bugle for IRC School League Season X!

Gather round, gather round. Bring out your drums and gongs, your tambourines and trombones and your big, bad horns!

IRC School League Season X is here folks! And it’s even bigger than last year. Asia’s Biggest Robotics Competition fuels hype like it’s no one’s business. And why not? With more than 500 schools and 15000 participating students across India, IRC School League is phenomenally popular. The league invites students, coaches and all stakeholders of the society to come together and build a better world for tomorrow using the tools of Science and Technology.

This year’s IRC School League marks a momentous Xth season of the competition. Over the years, the magnitude of the IRC League has grown exponentially without compromising the ideals on which it was first started – To encourage a love for making among children through robotics. 

All New Theme

Keeping that spirit in mind, this year’s theme would be “Bot-Olympics”. We want children to devise and concoct agile, audacious and sturdy robots that can compete and overcome the rigours of a Herculean competition. The purpose is to inspire and motivate the youth to design and build robots that can withstand the trials and tribulations of the elite competition.

Test Your Brains 

So are you ready for the Problem Statements for this year? There’s a twist this year though. The problem statements correspond to a different Olympic sport which will test you to the max. 

20+ Qualifiers…Can You Imagine It?

This year we’re taking things to a whole another level. This is equivalent to the level which comes AFTER you’ve defeated the Big Bad Boss in your video game. We’re holding 20+ qualifiers this year spread across India. Want to check out the schedule

Early Bird Surprise!

We’re also running a special Early Bird offer wherein you get a discount on registration fees if you register for the Qualifier you’re going to be participating in before a certain date. 

IRC League Special Packs

Oh and to give you guys a leg up, we’ve got brand new IRC League Special Packs which you can buy to get ahead of your competition.

Good luck for the upcoming season. May the Force be with you!

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