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Simulate & Win: The New Avishkaar Contest

Gather round folks…With the advent of 2020, Avishkaar is kickstarting a brand new contest – Simulate & Win! In this campaign, we’ll ask you to code, compile and simulate a program using Avishkaar Maker Studio which you can access by following this link

Participate in Simulate & Win contest!

So moving forward, let’s get this show on the road.

Steps to Follow to Participate in the Contest

  • Create a maker account at https://www.avishkaar.cc/login
  • Login to https://www.avishkaar.cc/ams & Switch to the maker Board V1 mode
  • Write a program as per the problem statement & save, compile & simulate.
  • After a successful simulation, share the screenshot of simulation on your FB timeline with the caption “I have participated in Simulate & Win contest. You can also take part: https://www.avishkaar.cc/blogs/simulate-win-the-new-avishkaar-contest
  • Share the code & your FB timeline screenshot by mailing us on support@avishkaar.cc with a subject line “My AMS code for Simulate & Win contest” and win exciting prizes & discount coupons.

Let’s find out about the problem statement that you’ll have to work on.

Problem statement

Perform four mathematical operations on the Maker Board and show the result on the LED panel as below.

Button Task
A -> I+J
W -> I-J
S -> IxJ
D -> I\J
Note: The value of I & J has to be chosen by participants.

So, get ready to win exciting Avishkaar goodies and discount coupons. Hurry! 

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