How to Prepare for IRC School League?

With the IRC School League: Season 10 ’round the corner, you must be very worried about how to go about preparing for it. But “fikar” not, we have a quick guide for you!

Make Your Team

Find some awesome team-mates and build your formidable, unbeatable crew that will make it to the Nationals!

Register Your Team Online

Visit the official website, pick the qualifier you want to participate in and register your team right away.

Solve the Problem Statement

The problem statements are different for each level and correspond to a different Olympic sport. Solve them with the help of essential IRC Accessory Packs on and leave your competition behind in the dust!

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Get your hands on the Arena and Prop practice sets and practice until you are perfect. The practice sets are available in various bundles and you can choose to purchase just one prop or the entire set. Available on