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#MakeWeCan Together

We’re sure you’ve come across our video – #MakeWeCan Together on our social media platforms. If not, why don’t you go ahead and have a look here?

This video marks the start of our campaign #MakeWeCan where we are inviting children and adults alike to participate and experience the joys of making. As we’re all aware, we rarely get time these days to spend quality time with our loved ones. By engaging in this activity, you can share and become a part of an experience and create memories, which we hope you’ll cherish in the coming years.

And not just memories, by introducing your children to making, you’ll be setting them up to be curious, a tinkerer, and engage in iterative learning. They’ll be on the road to become critical thinkers and learn the value of collaboration while developing a keen interest in learning. Making will be their gateway to become an open, confident and successful person.

Now you may ask, what was the inspiration behind #MakeWeCan? A movement, known as the Maker Movement, which began in the mid-2000s in the US, to promote and encourage the artisan spirit among budding Makers. Out of the Maker Movement were born Makerspaces (a place where Makers can come together and share ideas, and use tools and other materials for tinkering stuff) and MakerFaires, an annual gathering of Makers taking place in major cities across the world.

With #MakeWeCan, we hope to inspire your children to become more engaged, curious and develop a love for learning. We’re sure you’ll all support us in our endeavour and help make it a grand success!


Let’s All #MakeWeCan!


If you have any query, feel free to write to us at [email protected]


Happy Making!
Team Avishkaar

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