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#MakeWeCan With Heart

Coming hot on the heels of our first video, #MakeWeCan Together is our second video – #MakeWeCan With Heart. Do check it out, people!

With this video, we mark the halfway point of our campaign #MakeWeCan centred on inviting children and adults like to participate and experience the joys of making. We are thankful for the support shown to us by you all and would be grateful for your continued backing. Each mention, each share, each like, each video uploaded by you all, helps us move toward achieving our objective – Helping our kids become inquisitive, smart and confident!

As we’re all aware, time is a precious commodity in these times. We as parents, brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, don’t get enough time to spend with our loved ones. By engaging in this activity, we all can share and become a part of an experience and create memories, which we all would look back upon and cherish in the years to come by.

And not just memories, by introducing your children to the art of making, you’ll be setting them up to become successful. They will learn and inculcate the values of teamwork, persistence, hard work, spirit and inquisitiveness. They’ll be introduced to a world where critical thinking, problem-solving and logic building is encouraged.

We’re sure by now you must be itching to know from where we got the inspiration for #MakeWeCan? Well, a movement, known as the Maker Movement, took the US by storm in the mid-2000s. This movement aimed to promote and encourage the artisan spirit among budding Makers. Out of the Maker Movement were born Makerspaces (a place where Makers can come together and share ideas, and use tools and other materials for tinkering stuff) and MakerFaires, an annual gathering of Makers taking place in major cities across the world.

With #MakeWeCan, we aim to inspire your children to become more engaged, curious and develop a love for learning and hope we’ve managed to do just that. We’d be entirely in your debt if you all can continue to show us your love and support in the coming weeks. Till then, keep on Making!


Let’s All #MakeWeCan!


 If you have any query, feel free to write to us at [email protected]


Happy Making!
Team Avishkaar

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