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Avishkaar Maker Studio – Back In A New Avatar

Avishkaar Maker Studio - New and Improved!

Back when we launched Avishkaar Maker Studio (AMS) in October last year, we weren’t expecting such an enthusiastic response. We appreciate all the love, praise and the brickbats (a few) showered upon us. We’ve noted your feedback and are ready with an updated, improved version of AMS.

Avishkaar Maker Studio - Back In A New Avatar

The major upgrade is the integration of Avishkaar X Brain in the AMS fold. Now you’ll be able to program Avishkaar X Brain and take full advantage of the simplicity and workability of AMS’ graphical user interface.

In addition to this, we’ve made noteworthy enhancements to hardware blocks in E-Series FULL mode. Prominent among them is the improvement made to communication blocks where integer values can be transmitted directly via Wi-Fi. Also, you can check whether data has been received or not.

Last but not least, you have advanced hardware options (in E-Series X mode) at your disposal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re studying in a school or an engineering college, AMS will surely delight all your programming enthusiasts!

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