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Learn Programming & Robotics with Avishkaar

With these changing times, the skills needed to flourish are also changing. Today, it’s all about learning new skills such as robotics, programming and AI. Wouldn’t you want to give your child a head start?

Avishkaar has come out with a brand new offering – Avishkaar Robotics Learning Program. Herein, you can enroll your child in the program costing Rs. 8500. The program includes E-Series FULL kit, 1-on-1 Skype sessions, and an online learning module. As part of our introductory offer, we are providing 3 personalized sessions for FREE! 

In these personalized sessions, the first session would be an introductory session to bring the child up to speed with robotics. The second session would focus on mechanical designing and how you can create different complex designs.

Tell me more about Avishkaar FULL kit

Avishkaar FULL Kit is India’s first and most advanced programming robotics kit for children wherein mechanical construction is seamlessly blended with programming. 

Designed specifically for slightly older kids (12+ and up), they can create different kinds of robots like black line follower, obstacle avoider, humanoids, and more. FULL Kit introduces block-based programming through which younger aged kids can get a hands-on experience of how to program robots.

Why Enroll in Avishkaar Robotics Learning Program?

In this program, we are offering three FREE 1:1 Skype sessions where you will get a rundown of what’s inside the kit and an introduction to get you started. You’ll receive instructions to bring you up to speed about robotics and how can you can start building different models along with writing basic programs for your robot.

These sessions are conducted by an experienced trainer and can be scheduled at your convenience. We even offer the flexibility to have these FREE sessions back to back or one at a time.

Why Avishkaar FULL is the go-to kit for your child?

  • FULL kit’s Brain enables the use of four motors and five sensors at the same time. You can program both the motors and sensors at the same time offering a much greater degree of functionality. 
  • In FULL kit, you’ll receive three different kinds of sensors – IR, touch and sound. 
  • FULL Brain can be controlled three ways – by a wired remote, wireless application as well as by writing and burning programs. 
  • The software used to program the brain is Avishkaar Maker Studio (AMS), our in-house developed software ensuring you get prompt and timely support. 
  • AMS utilizes graphical-based coding making it pretty easy to write, code and burn programs. After getting the hang of AMS’s block interface, children can easily graduate to other programming languages such as C and Python.

Benefits of Avishkaar FULL DIY Robotics Kit

  • DIY Programmable Robotics Kit
  • Has more than 150+ parts including programmable FULL Brain, programmable motors and sensors along with various metal strips, gears, nuts & bolts, and wheels
  • Introduces programming
  • Helps in developing problem-solving and coding skills
  • Access to multiple sensors such as IR, touch, colour, sound and temperature sensors


Research has proven that children who learn about robotics at an early age find it easy to adapt to new technology and refine their STEM skills.

Jump start your child’s mechanical designing and programming skills! 

Sounds interesting? Call/WhatsApp @ +91 8506931515 to enquire further. Visit https://www.avishkaar.cc/products to find out about our other products and Request a Call if our portfolio of products excite you!

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