Junta Curfew – Let’s Socially Distance Ourselves

As the world grapples with Covid-19, a slew of measures have been taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a bid to spread awareness and combat the deadly disease.

Mr. Modi addressed the nation on 19th March and urged the citizens of the country to practice social distancing. Along with this, he implored people to stay at home and avoid public spaces. He announced Junta Curfew wherein he requested people to stay indoors from 7 am till 9 pm.  

Avishkaar Supports Junta Curfew

Avishkaar on Lockdown

In order to get on top of the situation, Avishkaar has taken steps to ensure the safety of its employees. Apart from installing hand sanitizers at multiple locations at office premises, all employees have been asked to work from home effectively from 17th March 2020. And rest assured, we will all be participating in Junta Curfew come 22nd March 2020. 

We want a safe and healthy country and are doing our bit to make it come true.

Learn Coding with Avishkaar

What we’re going through is unprecedented. None of us in living memory have had to face a situation that is staring at us right now. We’re all trying to make sense of it all. With schools closed down, our foremost thought is to ensure that our children are not deprived of opportunities to study, learn and grow. 

This is why Avishkaar has launched a special coding class for beginners where your child can come to terms with and grasp the basics of coding and embark on a journey towards learning a new skill.

Want to know what else you can do while you’re at home? Give this a read.

Stand in Solidarity

Also, Mr. Modi asked citizens to stand in solidarity with the people in the frontlines of the pandemic – medical services, police, grocers, home delivery, firefighters, media; encouraging them to stand in their doorways and balconies and applaud them for their heroic efforts.

For the past two months, millions are working day and night in hospitals and airports and those serving others by not taking care of themselves. On March 22, at 5 pm, we should stand on our doorways, balconies, in our windows and keep clapping hands and ringing the bells for five minutes to salute and encourage them,” PM Modi said.