IRC School League 2016-17 I Junior Level – Avishkaar

IRC School League 2016-17 I Junior Level


Problem Statement

To build a pair of wired/wireless  Robots  out of Avishkaar kits that can be launched on the Moon surface to carry out research work.

Problem Description:

Your team will be tasked to develop two robots for landing, roving and sample analysing on the surface of the Moon. To read about the details on type of 2 Robots, tasks and Scoring, log on to  
Download Arena for Print
If you wish to practice at your School or home to get a grip on the Problem Statemnet, you can get the arena printed from any of your local printers nearby. The print file is available at

Rules and Regulations

  • The duration of the run will be 4 minutes and there wont be any trial time provided for the run on the event day.
  • There is no size restriction on the LunarRover or LunarLander barring the fact that the wheels of the bot should be able to fit into the start area (1ft by 2 ft).
  • There is no restriction in the number of motors/brains used per robot.
  • Only Avishkaar kits are allowed to build these Robots.
  • A power source of 7.5 Volts and 2200 MAH current is allowed in the bots.
  • Participants can touch the Robots only when they are in the start areas and no where else. They can add/remove mechanisms only in start area.
  • If any of the Robot goes out of the arena, the referee would bring it back to the respective Start area and the arena props (if they were attached to the robot in some manner) to their respective start locations and no points would be awarded for them.
  • If a team is able to finish all its tasks before time, all the props will be refurbished on the arena and the team can start scoring points again. The timer would stop when the refurbishing is taking place.

Hint Video

Schedule for the Qualifiers
Registration fee per qualifier is Rs. 1600. Teams can register at
Incase of any further query, you can drop us an email at [email protected]
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