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IRC Open League: Season 10 – Participate in The Hottest Robotics Competition This Summer!

IRC Season 10
IRC League Season 10

There are things we all look forward to every summer. Fresh, sweet nariyal pani, juices and smoothies, chuskis, month-long summer break, the latest Marvel blockbusters, and the annual robotics competition. That’s right folks! IRC Open League is back again this summer in a whole new avatar.

Currently, in its Xth iteration, IRC Open League is Asia’s Biggest Robotics Competition. In the Open League, team members belonging to different schools can get together and form their own team. This is the major differentiator from the IRC School League.

IRC Open League offers a platform to students, trainers, robotics enthusiasts and all other stakeholders of the society to come together and build a better world for the coming generations using the tools of Science and Technology.

Over the years, the magnitude of the IRC League has grown exponentially without compromising the ideals on which it was first started – To encourage a love for making among children through robotics.

Keeping that spirit in mind, this year’s theme would be “Bot-Olympics”. We want children to be the best they can be and come up with agile, audacious and resolute robots which can compete in the true Olympian sense. The purpose is to inspire and motivate the youth to design and build robots which can withstand the trials and tribulations of the elite competition.

Interested? Why not register for the IRC Open League? And you know, you can if you’re feeling rusty, you can even join a summer training workshop near you to get you up to speed!

It’s time for you to be FASTER, STRONGER and SMARTER!

So are you up for the Bot Olympics this year? This season more challenging and more fun with bigger battles and prizes at stake. Come check out the problem statement of this year which promises to be a blast and test you to your limits!

See you there at the finals of Open League then!

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