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Introducing Avishkaar’s Maker of the Month

Avishkaar's Maker of the Month

By now you must have heard about the Makers Hall of Fame magazine released by Avishkaar every year where we celebrate Makers from all walks of life. We thought of coming up with a fresh initiative where we celebrate all those Makers associated with us. That means you.

We’ve got so many students enrolled in Avishkaar robotics clubs and labs across hundreds of schools in India, those who participate in IRC League & Avishkaar Makeathon, that it only made sense to celebrate them too. 

Avishkaar's Maker of the Month for January - Bhavya Goel
Bhavya Goel – Maker of the Month: January

Hence, we came up with Maker of the Month. Herein, we’ll laud all those Makers connected with Avishkaar who take part in our competitions, challenges and campaigns.

So, let’s get this show on the road! Avishkaar’s Maker of the Month for January is *drumroll* Bhavya Goel. The 14-year-old studies in Kulachi Hansraj Model School, and was a participant in the recently concluded IRC School League. Though he couldn’t come up trumps, he takes heart from the fact that it was a learning experience for him. 

He’s been a part of the Avishkaar ecosystem for quite a while. Apart from IRC School League Season 10, he also took part in the Simulate & Win contest in January. Bhavya also attended Avishkaar’s coding and hardware programming classes. He credits the classes for clearing up his basics and hails them for being fun and informative. Bhavya signs off by saying that he’s thankful to Avishkaar for being a source of inspiration for him. 

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