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How to make Stone-Paper-Scissors Game using AI

In a world where technology and innovation are constantly reshaping the way we live, play, and interact, it’s no surprise that even the simplest of games are getting a high-tech makeover. Talk about the classic game of “Stone, Paper, Scissors,” and imagine infusing this timeless game with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Makerboard technology – the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

Now let’s get into it without further ado;

There are two parts of this project: First, we have to create a program in AMS AI and then a program on the Avishkaar Makerboard. Let’s see what we have to code on these respectively.

AI Code: You need to create a code in AMS AI, to detect your hand gestures. ● Step 1: Create a Model

● Step 2: Create different labels and train your model with different hand gestures

● Step 3: Create a code to detect the labels;

○ If the label detected is None: The Controller will send 0 via bluetooth.

○ Else: The Contoller will send a random value between 1 & 3.

With this your AI Code is ready.

AI code on AMS

Makerboard Code: For this you need the actual Makerboard 2.0 controller, You will make a progam for this:

● Step 1: Initialize a variable “Gesture” to store data

● Step 2: Initialize a Repeat While Loop

● Step 3: Start the bluetooth communication: Receive String data

● Step 4: Store Received String in the Variable “Gesture”

● Step 5: If Gesture == 1: Show Paper Pattern

● Step 6: Else If Gesture == 2: Show Scissor Pattern

● Step 7: Else If Gesture == 3: Show Stone Pattern

● Step 8: Else if Gesture == 0: Clear the Screen

Now, Just upload this code into the Makerboard, Power it up and go back to AMS AI Code. Connect with Bluetooth & you are ready to play.

Makerboard code

Need a little more help? Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on How to Make this game! Have fun playing.

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