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How to Make a 3 DoF Robotic Arm at Home! | DIY

Consider this – if you had to beat Thanos in arm wrestling, what were your chances of winning? We say none? BUT, if we had a Robotic Arm to wrestle in place of us? Could we have saved our world without sacrificing our beloved Ironman? We say Yes!!

Don’t fight us on this. Avishkaar Robots are strong enough to beat Thanos. (we hope so)😬

If you’ve ever dreamt of creating a robot companion, automating tasks around the house, or just exploring the fascinating field of robotics, then you’re in for a treat. This blog is your comprehensive guide to designing, building, and programming a 3 DoF robotic arm. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from selecting materials to mastering the software, equipping you with invaluable knowledge along the way.

Why Robot Arm?

Robotic Arms Industrial Application

Robotic arms have found their way into various applications, from industrial automation to personal projects, enhancing our understanding of mechanics and automation.

Now let’s get into it without further ado. We will build this using Avishkaar Robotics Advanced Kit.

Step 1: Building the Robot

Building the Base:

  • Start by connecting two 2.5” L-Channel to two 2.5” Square Plates.
  • Then connect two 2.5” Square Plates to this.
  • Now connect two 7.5” L-Channels to this to make its base legs.
  • Then, add a high torque motor to the base which will make the arm move left and right.
  • And now let’s construct a high torque gear system because the motor will need a lot of power to turn the heavy arm. 
  • And finally connect two 2.5” Square Plates to two 2.5” U-Beams at the top. And that completes our base.
Base of the Bot

Creating the Mid-Section:

  • Let’s start by connecting a 2.5” Square Plate and two 2.5” L-Channels to a Big Wheel.
  • Now connect two more 2.5” Square Plates where we’ll mount the gear system for the arm.
  • Now let’s attach a high torque motor and a small gear.
  • And finally connect an axle in the front – this will ensure the arm doesn’t fall below a certain level.
  • Let’s complete this section by connecting this to the base.
Mid-section of the Bot

Building the Arm:

  • Now let’s move on to building the arm and begin by connecting the two 2.5” L-Channels to two two medium gears.
  • Connect one of these to a 2.5” Square Plate using a motor and an axle.
  • Then connect the other gear to the same 2.5” square plate.
  • Connect two 2.5” U-Beams to this which will complete the hand sub-assembly.
  • And finally, connect this to a 7.5” U-Beam completing the arm. And connect the arm to mid-section using a Big Spur Gear using an axle 3-Hole Connector.
  • At last, let’s connect the FULL 2.0 BLE brain to the bot and connect the motors to the brain.  
Arm of the Bot

Step 2: Controlling the Bot using the Avishkaar App

  • Start by turning ON the FULL 2.0 BLE brain on the bot. 
  • Then turn On the bluetooth on the mobile app and open the Avishkaar app and make an account. You’ll need to register your kit before you can connect it to the brain so ensure you do that before trying to control the bot.
  • Go to the play section and connect to the brain.
Avishkaar App

And that’s it! Now you’ll be able to configure and control the movement of the bot! Go ahead and try it out! Have fun playing with this robot.

Hope we made it easy to follow. In case you don’t have the Avishkaar Robotics Advanced Kit – you can go ahead and check it out.

This is an advanced robotics kit which comes with 150+ parts including modular metal parts, full programmable brain, motors, sensors wheels, USB cable, nuts & bolts, allen key, spanner, cables & manual and can be used to make more than 150 programmable robots. There is a detailed manual inside as well which will help you understand how to build and code different robots.

Build 150+ Robots

If you get tired after building 150 robots, easily upgrade to our Pro Robotics Kit by Avishkaar using our bridge kits. Sweet deal?

The parts in this kit will still be compatible with the pro kit and you’ll be able to build many more robots.

There is a detailed manual inside which will help you understand how to build and control it. Watch this video below for a detailed tutorial.

Embark on your robotics journey today with Avishkaar’s beginner-friendly projects and unlock the endless possibilities of the robotics world!

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