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How to make The speed Changer Bot

Hello Makers!
I am back again with a new Robotics model. Lets make the Speed Changer Bot. This is an advanced model made from Avishkaar Robotronics FULL with some additional assembly & movement parts. Have a look at how this Robot looks like.

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Steps for making the Speed Changer Bot


Step : 1

Take two long U and a short rectangular plate and connect at hole no 8 & 12.
Step : 2

Connect two long L at the same hole no with the short rectangular plate at hole no 5 & 7.
Step : 3

Take a shaft of 4 inch and fix at 1st hole of Long U & Long L by inserting wheel and bog gear as shown in image.
Step : 4

Do same for the 2nd wheel.
Step : 5

Take a shaft of 3 inch and fix it 4th centre hole of long L & Long U from another side of base and insert a wheel (without belt) with a medium gear and some fillers as shown in image.
Step : 6

Now fix a medium gear by inserting a 3 inch axle shaft at first center hole of long L & long U with some filler & lock it with axle lock.
Step : 7

Do same for the another wheel of opposite side.
Step : 8

Fix two short L in the 5th 7throw of short rectangle plate at hole no 9 & 10 of long L.
Step : 9

Now take 2 motor & 2 short L and attach them as shown in image
Step : 10

Now insert 3 fillers & 2 mini gears to the shaft of motor and lock it with axle lock.
Step : 11

Now fix that short L on the same short rectangular plate parallel to the another short L.
Step : 12

Now take a long U and fix a motor at the one end by inserting shaft in hole no 4  and insert a big round gear to the shaft of the motor and lock it with a axle lock and add one more big gear at the another end of long U . 
Step : 13

Make one more arm same as the last was made. 
Step : 14

Now fix that those arms with the Short L at 8th side hole from bottom with the help of a 4 Inch axle shaft and lock it with the axle locks. 
Step : 15

Now attach a SR brain with your robot and do wiring. Now your Speed changer Bot is ready to rock.
Your Robot is Ready!
Facing any Challenge in the making? Send us an email at support@avishkaar.cc or drop a chat message here  and well get back to you soon as soon as possible.


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Stay tuned for more such tutorials! 🙂

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert

Team Avishkaar

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