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How to make a Folding crane with pulley

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Last time we had made Robo Craft. Today we will be making “Folding Crane With Pulley” made using Robotronics FULL kit. This can also be made by Robotronics LITE Kit. You can get an overview of this model by watching this video.

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Steps for making a Folding crane with pulley!


Step : 1

Take a square plate and connect 2 L-Angle on the both side.
Step : 2

Now a short rectangle and a square plate should be connected as shown in the image.
Step : 3

Now add a motor to the right side of this frame on the short rectangle plate by inserting axle in the hole no 3 of 1.
Step : 4

Now add an axle shaft with a micro gear with help of coupler.
Step : 5

Now add a 5-inch axle shaft with 2 micro gear & 1 big round gear as shown in the figure.
Step : 6

Now take two Long U & Big round gear and connect to the hole no 1 & 3 of long U.
Step : 7

Now connect both the arm with an axle shaft so that it should be connected to the micro gear.
Step : 8

Now to make the arm of pulley crane connect a long U & short U with help of 3 couplers like this & also add a hook.
Step : 9

Now connect this joint long U part to both long U on hole no 6 from another end.
Step : 10

Now add a motor on the square plate by inserting shaft at hole no 4 in the lower 2.
Step : 11

Now take a wheel, remove its belt & connect it to the first hole of the square plate with an axle shaft so that thread will pass through the wheel.
Step : 12

Your Folding Crane With Pulley is ready to use!

  Your Folding Crane With Pulley is Ready!
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