Guidelines for Innovator of the Month

Theme for September 2021

Sustainable Automation: We challenge you to think about something bigger than us. Let’s innovate to make our Earth a better place with efficient and sustainable automation. Think of an app that would automatically turn off the lights and fans of your room when there’s no one in it. Think of automation that takes care of your lighting system according to your mood and saves energy as well. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Children from age 5 – 16 years can submit the entries.
  2. What can be used to make the projects for submission?
    • Any of the Avishkaar kits – Tweak, MakerBoard, IoT Starter Kit, E-Series / ER-Series robotics kits, Coder’s Starter Kit.
    • Any open-source platforms (, MIT App Inventor, etc.)
    • DIY craft and innovation material
    • Note – proprietary kits and material from other brands like lego, etc. are not allowed
  3. Children are allowed to submit more than one entry.
  4. Repeat entries from previous contests (Avishkaar League, IOTM) will be disqualified

Master Class for IOTM – September Challenge
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Video Submission Guidelines. If your video does not meet these, then it will be disqualified.

  1. The video should be between 2-10 minutes in length.
  2. The video should be in English or contain English subtitles (if in any other language)
  3. The video should be made and shot in landscape mode and should be in HD resolution

How to Submit Your Entry

  1. Post video on your social media publicly
  2. Share video link
  3. Submit your video on Avishkaar’s website under the project section-
  4. Join Let’s Avishkaar –
  5. Subscribe to our youtube channel –
  6. Share the name of the trainer (if applicable)
  7. Fill this form to submit your project –

The submission will be judged based on

  1. Your understanding of the theme/problem, and the creativity and originality of the solution/idea – 10 points
  2. The innovator’s technical knowledge of their skill, be it robotics, coding, electronics, IoT, app dev, or even DIY craft – 10 points
  3. The innovator’s ability to be persistent and creative in making the prototyping – 10 points
  4. The presentation and communication skills of the innovator while demonstrating the final project in the submission video – 10 points
  1. Your video must include the following things :
    1. You must introduce yourself – your age, school, why do you like to innovate?
    2. Talk about the problem you are trying to solve or your idea – why it is important to you? what inspired you towards it?
    3. Show the working of your project – make sure you show your full face in the video
    4. Show the mechanism of the project – how it works, what were the challenges you faced while making it, etc.

  2. Bonus Points for :
    1. Giving a good finish and look to your project
    2. Making additional customisation and collaborating multiple kits – robotics + electronics, or robotics + DIY craft, etc.


  1. One Grand Winner – 2-month Coding Course worth Rs. 6000, Avishkaar Scholarship worth Rs. 1000, Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 500 and a special gift worth Rs. 2500
  2. Five Special Mentions – Avishkaar Scholarship worth Rs. 500 each

Last date of submission – 21st October 2021

Winners will be announced on – 30th October 2021

Contact for any queries