Get Featured in Makers Hall of Fame 2019!

Avishkaar is coming out with the second edition of its magazine – The Makers Hall of Fame where we celebrate the makers of the world. Herein, makers from all walks of life are given an opportunity to tell their story and share insight into their ‘maker psyche’. 

Makers Hall of Fame 2018 accrued a Total Readership of 10000+ readers across India in its first edition. We expect the numbers to improve significantly this year. 

This year we’re doing something different. We’re asking you to come forward and NOMINATE ‘Makers’ who you believe deserve to be featured in the Makers Hall of Fame. You can nominate your friend, a member of your family or even yourself. The only condition that you must satisfy is the person should be a Maker. 

Chance to Feature in Makers Hall of Fame 2019

Now, who exactly IS a maker, you ask?

Well, a maker is a person who utilizes every resource available to them to come up with solutions that solve real-world problems. A maker is someone who generates ideas, creates blueprints, processes, and prototypes with an objective to change the world we live in.

Makers are united by the understanding that Making is uniquely human. At the heart of it, all of us are makers. As people learn to develop and create projects, they take a stride towards becoming innovators. They become makers of change.

Class of Makers Hall of Fame 2018

Want to be featured in a premier magazine created especially for Makers? Then go ahead and fill-up the form linked below.