Easy Robotics Projects for Kids

From Transformers to Baymax, robots have dominated pop culture for decades now. It’s no surprise that they continue to attract the attention and curiosity of young children. Only, now, children have the ability to satiate their curiosity themselves.

Robotic making projects are an amazing way to foster learning through DIY, research and of course education. We’ve discussed elaborately in our previous blog articles why children should learn robotics and the advantages of coding through robotics. Building on this foundation, let’s take a look at some easy projects for your children to start their robotics journey with- how to make a robot for kids.

Even as a mere hobby, DIY robot projects are a great way to keep children engaged especially during weekends when their energy levels are abundantly high. Starting off with simple projects like how to build a small robot from scratch develops their sense of competency and enables a thirst for learning. 

So if you have no plans this weekend, here are some ideas you might want to consider.

  1. A contactless doorbell

In light of the global pandemic, innovations that reduce contact are always welcome. These kinds of projects with easy robots will allow your children to make something relevant to the times and celebrate the accomplishment of increased safety. Click here for detailed how-to video to Make a Contactless Doorbell using IoT Starter kit.

  1. A pollution badge

The key characteristic of any innovator is to endlessly attempt to solve the problems of the world. Starting out with a project like a pollution badge is exactly the right kind of motivation and encouragement children need to keep thinking and tinkering till they find solutions. They will also learn about the concept of pollution inculcating a sense of responsibility in the generation of the future. Click here to learn how to make your very own pollution badge in simple steps.

  1. Automatic Boom Barrier

Boom barriers are reliable, improve security and control the flow of traffic, provide instant privacy from entry of any unauthorized personnel. Projects like this help children learn road safety as well responsibility through play so they are more likely to follow it in the future.  Ready to make your own DIY toll booth gate opener? Watch how. 

  1. Smart drummer Robot

This looks at how to make a toy robot that not only caters to the child’s development of dexterity and concepts of robotics but also creativity as it involves music. The drummer robot operates on sensors to create a drumming action. This project also highlights the entertainment aspect making it highly enjoyable for the child to work on. Learn how to build it here.

  1. Smart Table Fan

By building something that is used everyday it reinforces the feeling of accomplishment and the child is encouraged to build more and innovate more, by taking their skills to the next level. Furthermore, this table fan operates on sensors and without contact adding more of a cool factor to the robot project. It’s easy. It’s elegant. It’s encouraging. Watch a detailed tutorial to help you build it on your own right here.

With simple projects like these; 5 of many more, you can easily enhance your child’s interest in robot ideas and robot games. The process will also allow your child to learn the simple mechanics of robotics while boosting math and engineering skills. It’s a fantastic place to start if you and your child are both new to the field or are beginners. Not to mention, they would also make for great ideas for school/science projects.

Moreover, it’s so much fun to collect the parts, follow steps and build something. Watching the project unfold in front of your eyes is such a treat. Your child is bound to be thrilled, and it’s no surprise if you get addicted to robotics in the process too. Besides, what better way to spend time together than fun educational mini projects on robotics?

 If you’re worried about where to source the parts like the makerboard or any of the starter kits, we’ve got you covered there as well. Check out the Avishkaar website to find curated kits that best suit your interests and that of your child’s. These kits have everything you need to get you started. We also have more tutorials to help you as to how to make a robot step by step or just get familiar with the kits and any extra guidance if you would like some. With Avishkaar, it’s an end-to-end experience and your child’s projects become so much more than any other recreational activity.

Try robotics the Avishkaar way!