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Children are born Yogis!

    Every Child , unintentionally, does Yoga. We may or may not have been a conscious witness to it. This International Day of Yoga (21st June), we have some interesting observations to share:
  • The fetus in the mothers womb can often be observed holding the merudanda mudra(thumbs up)
  • A new born child can be seen very often with the adi mudra (closed fist with thumb enclosed)
  •  Infants very often hold the chin mudra (thumb and forefinger delicately touching at the tips and the other 3 fingers are opened out)
  • When babies start turning over, they do Bhujangasana (cobra pose), Natrajasan (leg crosses over while lying on the back with arms stretched out)
  • When they start crawling, they often do the cat stretch



  • As they learn to stand up and walk, they do trikonasana (triangle pose) and the mountain pose
  • Till the age of two, babies often do the pavanamuktasan( knees and legs up in the air folding towards the stomach while lying on the back)
  • Babies are often seen even sleeping in the child pose
A Happy International Yoga Day!

Team Avishkaar Box

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