Celebrating The Women Behind Avishkaar’s Success

Avishkaar has always been a place where men and women alike have worked together side by side, shouldering the burden of inspiring future makers within our society. Over the last decade, we’ve worked day and night to ensure that Avishkaar becomes synonymous with ‘Making’. And even though the journey hasn’t been an easy one, we wouldn’t change anything because it has helped shape Avishkaar into what it represents today – a place where people are bold, proactive, hustlers, daring and makers at heart.

So, in the spirit of International Women’s Day, we’re going to celebrate the women of Avishkaar and get to know a little bit about them. Starting off with Yogita Bhalla, who is building deep intelligence about Avishkaar’s customers’ needs and wants. She loves challenges and (along with her team) is responsible for creating a beautiful and deeply functional website, the online curriculum arm, the UI and UX of various apps, the eye-catching videos, the packaging and the manual designs.

Moving on we have Sakshi Khera, who tries to adapt to any situation & endeavours to deliver high-quality work. An empathetic person, she believes problems serve as an enabler for continuous improvement & opportunities. Then we have Vishakha Sharma, who describes herself as super-motivated and always tends to look for the positive side of things. She describes dedication as her superpower and tackles challenges by self-observation and understanding what needs to be done to improve her skill-set.

And now we come to Pooja Kumar who uses her powers of persuasion and convincing to garner new customers and spread the word about Avishkaar. And don’t forget Neha Dagar, who’s driven and believes in making things happen. The determination is her superpower and she chooses to face challenges in a calm and patient manner and doing things in the right time, the right way. Laxmi Kaur who describes herself as a super-Indian woman (Chota packet, bada dhamaka), credits her determination and positive attitude as her mantra of success. She faces challenges with the guidance of her elders and finding alternatives for the problem at hand.

Uma Kumari describes herself as introspective and believes being a woman is her superpower. Garima Bhalla, on the other hand, describes herself as the weirdest person at Avishkaar and thinks nothing is impossible and overcoming the challenge is the only option available. Jigyasa Goel epitomizes her name and is a curious, jaunty, independent and a go-getter. She loves learning new things and tends to err on the side of caution and not engage in confrontations.

Prerna Sinha believes her to be a key member of the team who lists her management skills as her superpower. Now we come to one of the youngest members of Avishkaar team, Garima Awasthi, who describes herself as patient, a self-starter, and someone who’s always ready to take on new challenges. While Pawandeep Kaur is of a friendly disposition, honest who prefers to solve problems by engaging in discussion with her seniors.

Now we come to the newest joinees of Avishkaar. Khushi Jindal is like classic literature, easy to read but hard to understand. She is a confident young woman who believes in her abilities. Another one in the weird category is Nandini Kaushik, a self-motivated and self-confessed odd individual. Forgetfulness is her superpower (odd no?) and she prefers to resolve challenges with the support of people around her. Kanika Mittal is a girl who wants to unfurl her wings and fly. She credits her ability to make people laugh as her superpower and faces challenges by taking a stand for the right things.

Last but not least, we have our newest joinee Babita Chhetri, who is an independent, creative individual having a positive outlook of life whose superpower is creativity.

And with that, we’ve done our bit to honour and celebrate the Women of Avishkaar. We hope that we inspire women in all spheres of life to be the best they can be and never be afraid of chasing their dreams.