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Bridging the Gap Between Skills & Employment

As per a recent report by Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education), the Education Commission and UNICEF, an estimated 54 per cent of South Asian youth leave school without the necessary skills to get a decent job in the next decade

The youth feel that there’s an incredible skills gap and the education system is outdated hampering their chances to find gainful employment. Some of the reasons cited by them include inadequate work experience, lack of support services to augment employability, bribery demands and discriminatory hiring practices. 

In India specifically, only 47 per cent of children are on track to complete secondary school and attain the necessary skills for employment in 2030. Avishkaar is one such entity that is working towards imparting new age education and skills to our children. Having touched base with more than 1000+ client schools and 50000+ students, Avishkaar has created an entire ecosystem where we are working at the grassroots level to spread STEM education across India and other South Asian countries such as Maldives and Bangladesh. Along with this, we have presence in UAE, Qatar and Singapore as well.

Avishkaar’s raison d’être is to promote Making among students and encourage them to become Makers instead of passive consumers. To achieve this, we have created different solutions for schools. 

  • MakerSpaces: A place where you can dream, tinker and have access to structured curriculum to give shape to your ideas. 
  • Robotics Labs: Here, children can develop skills such as mechanical designing, circuit designing, and programming using our DIY robotics kits. 
  • Tinkering Labs: An initiative envisioned by NITI Aayog where Avishkaar products are seamlessly integrated with open source products to provide an augmented experience. 
  • Robotics Clubs:  Avishkaar also offers in-school robotics club programs where hands-on and fun-driven learning approach is integrated with the school curriculum.
Avishkaar Ecosystem

And, that’s not all. Remember we mentioned Avishkaar has an ecosystem? Apart from our aforementioned programs, we also manufacture DIY robotics kits, provide graded curriculum, organise training and workshops as well as conduct renowned robotics-cum-STEAM competitions – IRC League and Avishkaar Makeathon.

Avishkaar is doing its bit to help prepare our young, future generation to have the necessary skills needed to find employment in 2030. Let’s all work towards this goal to ensure our youth don’t get left behind their global counterparts. 

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