Bett 2020 – The Rise of the Maker Board Lightsaber!

At Bett 2020, the biggest ed-tech extravaganza saw huge participation of major and upcoming industry players from across the world. Avishkaar was among these big boys holding the Indian flag up high, rubbing shoulders with upcoming exciting new startups dabbling in cutting edge technology. 

We revealed our next wave of Avishkaar robotics kits – ER Series. Apart from that we also showcased Tweak and the ‘Product of the Moment’, Maker Board. The Maker Board powered Lightsaber was an unprecedented hit among both kids and adults alike.

Avishkaar Maker Board: The Rise of Lightsaber
Avishkaar Maker Board Lightsaber

Want to check out a highlights reel of the exciting things Avishkaar has in store for you?

Avishkaar at the BETT Show 2020