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Beginner’s guide to being a Robotics Engineer

Do you want to build cool robots when you grow up? That is what a robotics engineer does. For a living, yes. You would be paid to make robots. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun? Let’s talk about the why, how and what to do-s if you want to be a robotics engineer.

Why should you be a Robotics engineer? 

 Jobs in robotics are going to increase by 10% and on average, technology careers will grow leaps and bounds so you are all set for an express train to the future.

How to be a Robotics engineer? 

A bachelor’s degree is the most important (a robotics engineering degree, if possible but if not computer science engineering, mechanical engineering or electrical also works)

A master’s degree would be preferable but industry expertise is also important in this field.

What do you need to be a Robotics engineer? 

All you need are the three I’s – inquisition, introspection and intellect. Before you race off to get the dictionary, let me tell you that all it means is that you need to ask questions, you need to have the smarts to find out the answers and the sincerity to keep at it when you are stuck.

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