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Avishkaar Remote Controller App – Snazziness Overload!

Our loyal robotics enthusiasts who’ve been using Avishkaar robotics kits over the years, we’ve got some welcome news for you all. We’ve upgraded our Avishkaar Remote app and what we’ve come up with is a sleek, snazzy-looking app with configurable controls.

Why Avishkaar Remote Controller (ARC)?

Avishkaar Remote Controller App is an essential software for using Avishkaar DIY robotics kits. With this app, you can wirelessly control your bots made with Avishkaar’s FULL & LITE Brains.

Avishkaar Remote Controller is a vastly superior and upgraded app compared to its previous version. Apart from a full revamped and sleek interface, the joystick has been added to the app’s arsenal. What’s more, this feature is configurable. You can set your own controls.

Also, we have added another new feature; you can now customise your background. The app’s UI/UX is pleasing to the eyes. We’ve also added Avatars (8+) which you can choose from. Cool, no?

Last but not least, you can switch between both joystick and remote controls on the app and both are independently configurable. You can set whichever settings you’re most comfortable with.

Avishkaar Remote Controller app is available both on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

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