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Avishkaar Makeathon 2018

Avishkaar Makeathon

“For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then we unleashed the power of our imagination.” – Stephen Hawking

Avishkaar Makeathon is not just a competition but an opportunity for people brimming with creativity to come together and showcase their innovative models. We’re eagerly waiting to see what you guys come up with. If you’re a first timer, don’t worry, we’ll make sure that you’ll have tons of fun!


Adding a spin to the classical interpretation of Makeathon, the fundamental themes of Makeathon are:

Avishkaar Makeathon Themes


The competition will be held in three stages. These are-

Avishkaar Makeathon Stages
  1. Ideate: Submit your idea to resolve a problem
  2. Prototype: Create the final working prototype of your idea
  3. Showcase: Get ready to showcase your solution to the world in the “Avishkaar Makeathon National Finale”

Registrations have already begun!

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Understand more about IDEATE (Stage 1) of Avishkaar Makeathon:

  1. Read guidelines here.
  2. Check out the format of ideation document here.

To participate in Avishkaar Makeathon read rules and regulations here.
If you have any query, feel free to write to us at [email protected]

Keep Tinkering!
Team Avishkaar

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