Avishkaar League: The Battle Arena for Makers

We’re all witnessing unprecedented times which frankly speaking, we may not have ever imagined we would. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, be it our schools, offices, businesses, even the way we live has undergone a drastic change.

But this post is not going to be all doom and gloom. At Avishkaar, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring to you all a new initiative of ours – Avishkaar League.

Avishkaar League

What is Avishkaar League?

To give you all a quick brief, Avishkaar League is a coming together of four competitions – Hackathon, Tweak League, IRC League and Avishkaar Makeathon on a scale you could not have thought possible. A place where you can tinker, innovate, compete and challenge against the best Makers of the world in a virtual arena. 

Yes, you read that right. We’re going virtual boys & girls! With this, you don’t have to step out of your homes. You can take part in Avishkaar League sitting at your computer. Sounds cool, right?

But first, let’s talk a little bit about the individual competitions within the Avishkaar League:

  • IRC League – Battle with your bots in a virtual arena as you solve the various problems thrown your way in your quest to become a Guardian of Nature.
  • Hackathon – Pit your wits against the best Makers in the world as you race against time to build a bot to protect against the Big Bad Corona!
  • Tweak League – Our youngest Makers will go on an adventure as they test their mettle and wits in a Quiz designed to leave them stumped for answers! Will you emerge victorious and ride into the sunset?

Our new theme this year – Guardians of Nature talks about saving our Earth and protecting it against calamities. One such catastrophe is the coronavirus. 

Do your bit for mankind and nature. Be a responsible citizen, practice social distancing and stay safe, stay healthy! Oh and don’t forget to register yourself for Avishkaar League!