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Avishkaar Kit Prices Are Going Up Soon

From March 7th, Avishkaar kits are increasing in price. 


During the pandemic, we kept our prices low because we knew the world was going through a tough time and so was our audience. We kept this going despite increasing prices of semiconductors, sensors and metal part production. However, it has become increasingly difficult to do that and thus we have decided to hike the prices of our products. 

What will the increased prices be?

  • Rs. 5499 will be the price of the Robotics Starter Kit, increasing from Rs 3499.
  • Rs. 8499 will be the price of Robotics Advanced Kit, increasing from Rs. 6999.
  • Rs. 14999 will be the price of Robotics Pro Kit, increasing from Rs. 9999. 

Stock up on your favorite kits and courses this weekend, till the 6th of March because we know even with raised prices, our audience won’t stop innovating. 

Thank you for your support always and we look forward to bringing you premium kits and courses in your innovation journey. 

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