Avishkaar Fights Corona

Avishkaar and I have been approached by the authorities to create some robotics solutions to fight Corona. Our mandate is to create manually controlled machines that can sanitize external environments along with autonomous bots capable of sanitizing internal environments. Moreover, all of this has to be done via locally sourced components.

This I believe is my life’s most challenging and time-sensitive problem. I have heard that this virus travels faster than bureaucracy. We have to see if it travels faster than a few entrepreneurs and makers.

Created first war room setup at @AvishkaarDotCC

I will be needing a lot of support from all you folks/makers/influencers out there. Please contribute in any which way possible. I will list the asks and achievements out here so that you can rejoice or help us out here.

Accomplishments: Got curfew passes, created a hands-on team and a virtual team.

Asks: Access to irrigation/agricultural vendors in Delhi/NCR, Hardware/plumbing, Electronics/Electrical vendors etc.