Avishkaar Fights Corona: UV Rakshak next stop

After delivering 860 face shields to health care workers and making sanitisation trucks, our focus has now moved on how to do indoor sanitisation and that too at the most vulnerable places in our neighbourhoods.

Before I talk about these places, let me state a quick but horrifying fact. The real battlefield in the current fight against Corona are our hospitals, however it’s ironic that these same places end up becoming the epicentre of the spread of the pandemic.

In Italy, 8.91% of all corona virus patients were Health Care workers, by far the biggest number across any profession type. Just imagine if this was the case with Italy, what’s going to happen in India (given our dismal health infrastructure).

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Hospitals in India

This made me call all the private and public hospitals in Delhi/NCR (thanks to the Doctor friends that I have made by now :)). I enquired about the method of disinfection that we are using at our hospitals and to my dismay, the method getting used is a very archaic one. In all the hospitals, a class IV employee or a sweeper manually sweeps all the walls and floors of hospital with Hydrogen Peroxide. This has potentially many problems:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide is not known to permanently kill the virus. But let’s assume it does.
  2. A person manually disinfecting all the premises in a hospital is problematic for two reasons: One, the person has a chance to catch the virus and second, this method has built-in flaws due to human errors.
  3. Let’s assume the human errors are also taken into account, what do you do with the virus that is present as droplets in the air and given that it travels across rooms using the Central duct of the Air Conditioner.

Clearly we need a CONTACT LESS DISINFECTANT known for its effectiveness in the air on the wall or any surface in the room. This is the reason that we came up with the idea of UV RAKSHAK.

Below is a quick presentation of what it is?

My next goal is now to raise money to provide these to first every Covid Dedicated Hospital in Delhi and then to all government hospitals in Delhi. I wish this was in my budget to do it, however your support can be very helpful with this.

You can find our GiveIndia campaign link over here: